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Acupressure Massage Reflexology Slippers

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 Are you sore from long days of walking or working on your feet? Our pair of Acupressure Massage Reflexology Slippers can provide some relief that no other slippers can give. A cushion-like massage and feel that you will surely have a comfortable and relaxing standing or walking experience.

It's widely established and understood by all Reflexologists that the soles of our feet reflect the body. Applying pressure to the left area on the left foot and the right area on the right foot helps to heal ailments of the body! Reflexologists segregate the body into ten zones which are divided into five areas on each side. All parts of the body, including the organs, are represented in these areas. Acupressure Massage Reflexology Slippers were created to heal your body, through your feet!



  • PREMIUM & DURABLE DESIGN - Made of artificial PU and cloth material with EVA sole. Give a non-slip and safe feel, which makes it an exceedingly innovative. An alternative to the traditional reflexology sandals. They are very sturdy and durable for you to use it for a long time.
  • 41 ROTATING MASSAGE POINTS - Based on foot pressure points, each Acupressure Massage Reflexology Slippers is designed with 41 rotating acupuncture points to massage your foot cavity by stimulating the reflection points on your sole.
  • FOOT THERAPY MASSAGE - Designed to soothe foot/ heel pain and tension due to arthritis, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis. Wear this therapy massage slippers for 15mins each time Not all day. These acupressure slippers might hurt for the first few times using them; however, simply add a pair of socks or shorten the time wearing them until your body adjusts to the pressure sensation. It comes with 4 different sizes for you to choose from S (10.43inches), M (10.83inches), L (11.22inches), and XL (11.61inches).
  •  ADJUSTABLE SLIPPER STRAP - The slipper strap can be adjusted because of its Velcro design so you can loosen or tighten it according to your feet. The classic black color is suitable for both men and women.



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