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Automatic Irrigation Watering Spike for Plants 5pcs

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The perfect helper for your home, office, dormitory, etc. Convenient for daily use especially if you don't like watering or you are too busy to take care of your plants. Travel more without having to worry about someone to water your plants.

Plants will grow healthier by preventing over or under watering, it will grow healthy even when you go on a vacation and are lazy at home.  It's a versatile use with indoor and outdoor plants. 

Clearly see when to refill so your plants stay hearty and robust. It can be adjusted to provide appropriate water according to different plant needs. This is a good solution to save you time and energy with a water pump and a timer. 


  • Adjustable Valve:¬†The¬†flow rate can be controlled.¬†The plant watering Device with control valve can control the¬†dripping speed of 0-60s/drip,¬†and the sustained release drip lasts for¬†1-15 days.¬†Only adjust the valve to Meet your needs without complicated setup steps.¬†
  • Simple and Convenient:¬†No tools are required for installation,¬†just¬†drill some holes in the bottom of the bottle¬†or¬†cut the tail of the bottle¬†to keep the air flowing. Accurate water volume, provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers, each plant is unique.
  • Widely Compatible:¬†Suitable for brand bottles¬†- Dr. Pepper bottle, Pepsi bottle, Coca-Cola bottle, Lipton bottle, Diet Coke bottle, Aquafina bottle or other¬†1. 1-inch inner diameter bottles.¬†(Bottle not included)


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