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D1 Baby Bottle Warmer USB

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"It makes bottle preparation so much easier and it's also perfect for going out!" - Rachel B. ✅  Verified Buyer
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Tired of those bulky bottle warmers or having to manually warm up the baby bottles on your own? Maybe you can't bring your baby out because their bottles won't be properly prepared. Try our baby bottle warmer that can be powered by any power source via USB! Our baby bottle warmer is the most innovative and convenient bottle warmer in the market! Due to its compact and easy-to-use design, it can be brought and used anywhere.

💡 Studies show that warm milk can help prevent upset stomachs for babies!7HH101340-9

Key Benefits:
  • Maintains the perfect temperature even when it is attached to the bottle that is being used
  • Can be used on any baby bottle
  • Has a safety voltage limit of 5 volts 
  • Compact design makes it easy to bring around
  • Easier and faster bottle preparations


Parenting isn't easy and it tends to prevent you from going out. Sometimes you just want to go to the park or on a walk with your baby but their milk bottles get cold. With our baby bottle warmer, you will never have to experience that again! Whether you're at home or out on a trip to the groceries, always have your baby's bottles prepared!

Note: Product does not come with power bank/portable charger