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Kitchen Compost Bin

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Composting food scraps is the best way to return food nutrients into the soil so that it can grow more delicious food! You'll have no trouble getting into the habit of composting with this modern and easy to clean compost bin. Adding compost to your kitchen routine is the most sustainable option for your home, and a big step for creating a sustainable future.

Stylish Design:

If you routinely save food scraps for your compost pile, it’s time to move to this stylish durable and odorless canister moving away from the ugly ordinary plastic bins...beautifying your already beautiful kitchen counters. Our eco-friendly, sturdy and easy to clean compost bin is specifically made to store all your compostable kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and more. Stylish enough to be placed on your kitchen counter top it can also be placed under the kitchen sink or in the pantry for convenience.


  • Durable Metal Construction To Last A Lifetime - Built for strength and durability that won’t scratch, crack or chip. With inner removable plastic bin that will never leach toxic chemicals into your compost.

  • Odor Free - A thick activated carbon filter absorbs and traps odors inside the canister leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean (2 filters included).

  • Easily Cleaning - The filter can be cleaned with soap and water and the removable inside liner pail makes cleaning simple. Your kitchen compost bin can sit conveniently on your countertop or wherever you need it. The stylish design also complements any decor.

  • Construction - The metal bin is lined with a plastic inner pail to prevent rust and leaks, Removable washable carbon filter makes for Eco-friendly and reusable convenience while preventing nasty bacteria and smells.

  • Holds <4 Liters of food scraps

  • No More Daily Trips to the Outdoor Compost Pile! Fits on the counter, under the sink or in the pantry, and can easily hold several days worth of organic waste, without worrying about attracting flies or pests and preventing bad smells in your home



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