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Talking Hamster Toy

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This is the cutest talking plush toys and the most requested kid’s gift during Christmas. The Talking Hamster records and repeats back what you say in a hamster voice.  With everything it talks, this toy will shake its head in a way that your kid will find a cute and amazing company.

The Talking Hamster repeats what you say in his own critter voice that brings endless joy. It has very soft and comfortable touch. Still thinking of the best gift for kids this Christmas Holiday?  Grab the limited Christmas Edition with the cute Santa Clause costume on your little hamster toy!



Repeats What You Said¬†‚ÄstThis adorable little hamster mimics what you say and how you laugh in a wonderful little critter voice that is sure to make the whole family chuckle.¬†

Endless Joy - Bring everyone around this little critter to enjoy hearing it talk back and interact with you.

Soft Cotton - Cute Hamster made with cotton and very soft coverings.

Christmas Limited Edition - Specially designed Christmas costume makes it the perfect gift for kids.


Easy to use - Simply turn it on, speak to it, and enjoy what it says. 

Battery Powered - This cute and cuddly talking hamster toy is powered by 3 pieces of triple-A batteries to be placed on the battery compartment of the toy’s stand.

Comes In Different Colors - The hamster toy comes in an array of colors namely gray, light brown, and dark brown for you and your kids to choose from.

Not Just A Toy- The Electronic Talking Hamster can also be used not just as a toy. It can also be used as a decor piece at home, at work, or in the car and it can also be given as a gift to anyone who might like it.

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