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U1 Galaxy Projector and Bluetooth Speaker

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"I got one as a gift for my friend recently but had to get one for myself as well as it was just too pretty!" - Rachel M. ✅  Verified Buyer

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Our Galaxy Projector and Bluetooth Speaker is the prettiest and most innovative night light in the market! It is a mood setter as well. Its beautiful light colour modes are made for different moods. It is perfect for any room. Decorate your bedroom and play your favourite songs with our Galaxy Projector and Bluetooth Speaker!

Key Benefits
  • It can play your phone's music via bluetooth and music from a memory card as well.
  • Adjustable 360° rotating projection to let it shine anywhere you want in a room.
  • 10 different colour modes made for different moods.
  • It's visually appealing lights can help you relax yourself before sleep and can also help your children relax before they sleep.
  • Comes with a remote control which makes it convenient to use.

Looking for the perfect gift? Maybe you want to level up your bedroom's decoration? Say hello to our Galaxy Projector and Bluetooth Speaker! It projects a beautiful light that resembles stars and the galaxy. It doubles as a bluetooth speaker so that you can play your songs to create the perfect mood.