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White Noise Machine Sleep Sound Machine For Sleeping Relaxation

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  • ♥ 9 Non-Looping Natural Sounds: The sound machine for sleeping equipped with 9 High Fidelity smoothing non-looping and crystal clear sounds with no break. Include white noise, waves, rain sound, waterfall, crickets sound, birdsong and 3 lullaby sounds for soothing your baby. Sound machine allows you to better release the stress from life and work to have a good sleep. Select the sound based on preference and it will create a relaxing and natural environment. 

  • ♥ Sleep Timer & Memory Function: Noise sound could be chosen to play music continuously non-stop the whole night. And there is an option to automatically turn off the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes to save energy. Easily adjust the white noise maker to the most suitable volume and knob. Which one to play when the device is turn off, and the next time it starts, it automatically plays the music on the last shutdown.

  • ♥ Soothing Night Light: White noise machine with baby soothing night light. Provide enough light for a parent or baby to see without causing conscience. Lock function to prevent unintentional sound changes. Under the background of soft lighting and soothing sound, it can not only cover up the noise and improve the sleep quality, but also make you concentrate on your study or work. Apply to home, office, travel or wherever you want to give peace of mind.

  • ♥ Compact and Portable Design: Portable design-small and lightweight. It is easy to fit into a bag or suitcase and is the essential noise sound machine for traveling. It easily makes you to bring your sleep sound with you. While in an unfamiliar environment, the ideal creates a similar atmosphere for better sleep. The white noise machine has a built-in battery, and when the battery runs out, you can charge it using USB.


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